Friday, 1 June 2012

Time to give farewell to Non-Performers.

Having expressed our heartiest gratitude to the incumbents of the CSOLS’ Translators Association for their hitherto self-drummed achievements and having condoned their failures on some key issues, we have since embarked on roping in the translator’s fraternity. The solemn purpose is to replace the existing slumbered Association with proactive and dynamic one. To this end, our few day’s contact campaign including an informed meeting on 23-05-2012 on boat club has met with tremendous responses. A scintillating feature in our cap is that some AD’s are welcoming our efforts and assuring their best possible co-operation, assistance and guidance.

Translator’s grievances and grudges against the Association are listless. To name a few; arrogant approach of the officer bearers, furtherance of their own interests, misuse of the association’s tag to have an access to the DOL’S as well as other department’s officers for their vested interests, non-operation of any bank account to park the money collected from the members, non-maintenance of income and expenditure account, lack of interaction with members leading to their alienations from the Association, convening meeting only for collecting money, never for sharing and seeking views for the overall progression of the cadre, zero representation of the Jr. translators in the Association, inordinate delay in the matter of promotion of Jr. Translators to Sr. Translators, non-regularization of adhoc Sr. Translators for several years from now, taking a blinkered view of the pitiable profile of Jr. and Sr. Translators in terms of grade pay, so on and so forth.

To bid farewell to the unsavory past time is ripe. Clarion call has been made. Come and join the forum. Put up a formidable diaspora to voice your concerns and get them redressed at the right time.

The way ahead is thorny but with our concerted efforts everything will fall in line.

                “Kon Kahta hai ki asman mein surakh nahi ho sakta, Ek patthar to tabiat se uchhalo yaoro,”

Dinesh K. Singh


  1. What an eye opening article...m shocked to see that how a handful of people managed to exploit the association for their own benefits. And also surprised that how come for such a long we people allowed them to do this. Clearly we ourselves are responsible for this stinking situation. I hope this is going to end and some fresh air will come inside.

  2. We have thousands of reasons to dislodge the present association...good piece of writing dinesh ji... long live new team... wish you all the success...

  3. I wish good luck to our new commrades for bringing about what is called an inevitable change..... move,march and conquer. Also, wish some times later they all will get acquainted with me.