Monday, 25 November 2013

This initiative is for every one of us & against none .

Sh. Ramanuj Gautam, Sr. Translator, Ministry of Home Affairs have shared his views regarding 4600 GP Case on our FaceBook Community. We are reproducing his views for our readers here. 
- Moderator. 

Ramanuj Gautam, Sr. Translator
Respected Seniors/Friends,

We all are aware about the initiatives being taken for filing an exclusive case for demand of Rs. 4600/- G.P. for JHT's from 01.01.2006. Our friends who have joined as JHT on or after 01.01.2006 have got the initial basic of Rs. 13,500/- (Rs. 9300 + Rs. 4,200 G.P.), whereas, they should have been given Rs. 17,140/- as their initial basic including the G.P. of Rs. 4,600/-. So, our fresh JHT's are at a loss of Rs. 3,640/- per month in their initial basic salary which in actual terms will be a loss of more than Rs. 8000/- per month adding the implications of D.A. (90%) & H.R.A. (30%).

There is one more twist that any Translator who has joined on or before 31-12-05, his/her initial basic was calculated as Rs. 5,500 multiplied by 1.86 i.e. Rs. 10,230/- whereas, who has joined on or after 01.01.2006 his/her initial basic was calculated as Rs. 5,000 multiplied by 1.86 i.e. Rs. 9,300/-. So, our junior lot is comparatively at more loss in the given scenario.

Similarly, JHT's joining before 01-01-2006 & whose basic were calculated below Rs. 17,140/- as on 01-01-2006 will also get it corrected if the tide turns by our side. And also it will benefit the entire JHT's & SHT's in different aspects & proportion.

The idea to file an exclusive case in this context had been deliberated upon by some of our energetic friends for long. To give their ideas a real shape person to person contacts/meetings were held some time back which we all know. I personally as a mediator tried my best that this case should have been filed by the Association or it should have been atleast provided Associations' umbrella. But despite all kind of efforts nothing materialised.

Therefore, the same active group of our Translators have now been forced & left with no option but to fight this case with their own effort & moral & financial support of JHT's & SHT's. The collection drive is already going on & any doubts or queries are also addressed at the spot & also through the blog. Thorough transparency is adhered with regarding financial aspects. Around 70 persons have contributed so far.

It is my appeal to all my friends that please come forward & make this initiative successful. It is your cause, so your gesture will either embolden the drive or weaken it. Time is running fast because as it is said, once the 7th Pay Commission is constituted no Court will accept this matter.

Also some of our friends have suggested that this case should be filed in Mumbai/Ernakulam. The idea & logic for the same is nice but the difficulty is on practical side. The time factor is also crucial here. Who when how whom all kinds of questions will erupt before us & block our path when we try any different place for filing the case now. So, come on & let us join hands for this cause.

This initiative & drive is for every one of us & against none of us, so it has to be taken in right spirit.

Thanks & with regards to all.


  1. One more judgement for grant of MACP case on the lines of Smt. TP leena case has been given mumbai CAT to raghubir singh , which can be seen in rajbasha karmi google groups. whether basing on that can we file the case in the cat to get macp grade pay benefits to jhts

  2. Mumbai cat has given judgement to grant macp benefits to raghubir singh , jht mumbai on the lines of Smt. TP Leena case , whether other translators can file the case basing on the judgement , judgement copy can be down loaded from the rajbasha karmi google groups . pl. clarify. It may be brought to the notice all translator brothers spread acroos India. It is learnt that the case can be filed.

    Naresh, JHT,NSSO , Hubli

  3. @ Naresh Ji.
    Have u seen orders of Raghubir singh. We have cross-checked that group there is an order uploaded by Raghubir Singh n that is of Mrs. Meera Vellan Rajeev Only. It was not given to Mr. Raghubir singh. Plz check the matter again and kindly correct us if we are wrong. Thanks

    1. correct what you told though it is not raghubir singh basing on two judgements whether we canfile the case or not

    2. whether any progress in filing the case 4600gpin dellhi principal cat, it was told that case will be fiiled by25-11,kindly inform, meeravellan case was disposed injust 2 or 3 sittings ,

  4. Hi Dear Gautam Ji,
    I have gone through your posting. I a m also tracking this point for awhile . However , I would like to inform that this matter is already taken by the CAT employees and they got success, As far as JHT/SHT are concerned , I wish to inform that at present , I would be difficult to get such relief, but it is certain it has to be given.

    The problem in this coming is parity of CSOLS and Subordinate Offices, which is no established, next step is to be united.

    1. Respected Khare ji,
      Kindly share with us how employees of CAT have got this relief. As far as we have got information, CAT employees have got this relief on the basis of an order issued by DOPT after seeking consultation from Department of Expenditure. We have copy of that order. Can u plz throw some more light on this ? Kindly inform on or Plz drop ur contact no with ur name at 09711337404 (Saurabh Arya). Thanks for sharing ur views.

  5. 29.11.2013 को क्या सुनवाई हुई? यदि हाँ तो कार्यवाही के बारे में बताने की कृपा करें।

    डा विजय शर्मा

    1. एक साथी ने 29.11.2013 को सीएसओएलएस की फेसबुक कम्‍यूनिटी में सूचित किया है ;
      "पहली बार आज सुनवाई हुई 1986 मामले की और जज महोदय ने कहा है कि मेरे लिए यह केस नया है, अभी विचार-मंथन करूंगा। अब 4 फरवरी,2014 की तारीख मुक़र्रर कर दी है।" परंतु अभी तक एसोसिएशन ने आधिकारिक तौर पर इस विषय में कोई सूचना नहीं दी है ।

  6. Dear All,
    The DOPT order which is mentioned ,if am correct , the same came due to few employees of CAT ,Delhi filed an OA and after that DOPT issued order for pre revised pay scale of Rs. 7450-11500 w.e.f 01.01.2006.
    The point which raise by Mr. Gautam is different, However , it would like to put my all views for benefit of all JHT/SHT with possible solution-
    This matter that fixation should be manner as mentioned by Mr. Gautam is already raised by few JHT by filing an OA in CAT and the same is dismissed and they did not went to high court, as per my latest information.
    As Mr. Gautam is saying regarding loss that is not loss and CAT will go as per Fixation Rules and if there is violation of rules such case only relief can be get.
    On what ground ............? is big question
    Similarly, JHT's joining before 01-01-2006 & whose basic were calculated below Rs. 17,140/- as on 01-01-2006 will also get it corrected if the tide turns by our side. And also it will benefit the entire JHT's & SHT's in different aspects & proportion.

    1. How Tide will turn our side to to get Rs. 17140/- basis as on 01.01.2006
    Pay fixation Rules says Officials who are appointed before 01.01.2006 there pay should be fixed in the manner that :- Pay as on 01.01.2006 in pre revised and X by 1.86 , explained by example.Examples are also given how to pay fix in case of prevised upgraded pay. As CAT passed orders according and as per Rules fixation is Right, So How tide will Turn,
    A Few JHT already Tried in Ernakulam and did not success , than, on what ground we can be successful
    I would like request you enlight how order can be get form CAT in this regard and by which Rules, of Notification .

    BUT, I am happy to inform that CAT Employees got it , about what you have mentioned , So, it is possible but , How.............., I am working on it ,and Certainly , 100%, it is possible what MR. Gatuam, is saying.At present, it will be too early to say something, but we are working on it, as soon as something irrefutable will come I will let you know all.

    As as far gp 4600/- is concerned , few have raised doubt, how they will get benefit and Rs. 4600 GP when there name is not is OA. This is real doubt. As old saying is there, first solution came after that problem was created.The solution is after regular relief whatever being prayed , the last may be mentioned that by making Department of Expenditure as a party that :- Direction may please be issued to the Department of Expenditure to issue an OM declaring that All JHT working in CSOLS and Subordinate offices are granted GP as Rs. 4600/- with effect from 01.01.2006.
    with Direction it will applicable to all and Departments will be forced to grant 4600 GP to JHT, and all will get at same time along with the applicants in OA.

    At last as CAT Employees got what is mentioned by Mr. Gautam, certainly we will also.

  7. Sir I have given translator in csols exam I want to know whether it is essential to get a diploma in translation to get selected in csols.... plz help me

  8. Sir I want to know whether diploma in translation is compulsory in csols as it was a desirable qualification....I am an aspirant.... plz help me.....