Saturday, 14 July 2012

First deserve then not conspire.

 A man's own good breeding is the best guard against other people's ill-manners.

Vishakha Bisht
Jr. Translator
Ministry of Finance.
   Some people's narrow-minded and selfish attitude leading to their efforts to put off the forthcoming elections has forced me to  express my views on this. I am really perplexed and just wonder as to how can anybody stoop so low to get through his ill-motives.  some people have a propensity to put hindrances before anything good going to happen.  Such people live with their preconceived notions and keep cooking the stories up.

   My colleagues have already said a lot in respect of the ongoing movement and election but still I too wish to tell you folks  that whatever has happened till date in this regard...nothing was all happened eventually.  All of you know that  most of us specially the junior translators were kind of dissatisfied and disheartened with the workculture of the present association. The thought of election of a new association, who can rebuild and recondition our cadre's present predicament, was in everybody's mind for long but no one came ahead so someone had to take up the gauntlet and it was a bunch of some active junior translators who assembled for the very first time on 9 may 2012 in the premises of North Block and discussed to put before the present association our demand of election.

    What I want to convey is that the people who had initiated this whole movement were solely interested in doing something for the betterment of our folks and not to get some post in the association.  On the contrary,  we wanted to keep ourselves aside from this politics as politics is generally not considered good for the honest people but we were convinced by our peers and friends to continue to lead this movement for some people, who had until not showed themselves up so far, came out all of a sudden wid their aspiration to get some key posts in the association.  This was the sole reason that we had to take the plunge and thus filed our nominations.  Otherwise such power-seeking, greedy people would have taken the charge into their hands and it would have altogether marred our very purpose i.e ensuring a better n brigtht future for the translators of this cadre.

  But when such people  were shown their way, they got rampant and started behaving pervertly.  they are going office to office with their pre-fabricated stories with no rationale and trying to convince our folks to put the elections off.  They have stooped to such a level that they have misused the names of some people without even taking their permission while making some representations to authorities. They have left no stone unturned to enfeeble our whole movement but little they know that this act of them has only boosted up our morale and we are energised to do work with more dedication now. Presumably, they are testing our endurance.  I have a message for such people that "first deserve then desire"

   Dear friends, we all know thzt our cadre's future is in a precarious stage so elections are of paramount nature as we are in urgent need of a new dynamic team of honest and sincere people who can take up the burning issues of  our cadre with the authorities.

  I, once again refute the allegations imposed on my teammates by some ill-advised people and would like to appeal to each n every translator of our cadre to not get distracted to such negativities and be united as unity is our strength. I also appeal to the entire translator fraternity to vote for Sh. Saurabh Arya and Sh. Pandey Rakesh Srivastava for the post of Joint Secretary on 17 July as without these two dynamic, hardworking and visionary people our association will be incomplete. 

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  1. Keep the motivation up!!!...It's a motivating appeal...All the best...Destiny Favors The Brave :-)